Environmental, Social, Governance

Europa RE is an environmentally responsible company that embeds sound ESG principles in its day-to-day operations.  The company actively promotes reducing the global disaster funding gap, increasing financial resilience of communities to climate change, and ESG compliant investment policies. 

Our fundamental approach is to make environmental sustainability an ethical and commercial imperative of our daily operations, create a workplace that nurtures unique talents of our staff and enables our employees to thrive and be effective in full compliance with the relevant legislation affecting our business.

We encourage our staff to actively practice the ESG principles in their day-to-day activities and operations, promote and achieve better risk management, innovation, professional excellence, and community engagement.

Reporting Framework

Europa RE will regularly update all stakeholders, investors, and donors on its ESG policies and initiatives through its website, showing a high level of transparency and commitment.

UN Framework: Achievable actions for assessing net positive impact

  •  Participate in projects for climate adaptation and increase financial resilience to natural disasters and climate change. 
  •  Embed ESG principles relevant to investment and (re)insurance in the company’s decision-making processes. 
  •  Proactively and regularly disclose information on the company’s progress in addressing ESG objectives. 
  •  Invest in Europa Re staff, making it more accountable and empowered by creating a pleasant, transparent and productive work environment.