Europa Re operates on the principle that good and functional corporate governance is at the core of effective risk management framework and has thus put in place arrangements (structures, policies and processes) through which it is managed and controlled.

Such arrangements:
• promote the development, implementation and effective oversight of policies that clearly define and support the objectives of the company;
• define the roles and responsibilities of persons accountable for the management and oversight by clarifying who possesses legal duties and powers;
• set requirements relating to how decisions and actions are taken including documentation of significant or material decisions, along with their rationale; and
• provide for communicating, as appropriate, matters relating to the company to stakeholders.

Governance arrangements of Europa Re are stipulated in the following company documents: Articles of Incorporation, Board Regulations, Code of Business Conduct, Underwriting Guidelines, Investment Guidelines, Financial Accounting Manual, Internal Audit Manual and other policies and working instructions describing work methods, governance processes and time schedules.

Europa Re is committed to integrity in the conduct of its business and takes all measures to ensure that all its activities are conducted in a manner which is legally, ethically and morally irreproachable.
Europa Re has made the development of an organizational culture that encourages compliance with the highest ethical standards one of its first priorities.

To implement Europa Re’s commitment to integrity in the conduct of our business and to set the framework and define the basic legal and ethical compliance principles and policies we apply, we have adopted the Corporate Compliance and Ethics Program, the Code of Business Conduct and a series of policy statements, which are designed to ensure that we have in place policies and systems aimed to prevent and detect violations of our all internal policies and procedures. Europa Re reviews its policies, procedures, internal rules, staff education and training annually and/or as required by circumstances.

Europa Re conforms to the provisions on corporate governance, risk management and internal control systems, issued by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA (FINMA) and our corporate governance complies with the applicable local rules and regulations of all the jurisdictions in which we conduct business.